Collect memories instead of bookmarks

Native iOS, iPadOS, and macOS applications that replace your browser bookmarks (and more) with a beautiful and searchable collection.


Ready to Try Brain3k?

Life is too short for managing bookmarks. Brain3k makes that procedure a past. Add an URL from any app using search features and let robots do the rest. Each item is analyzed, and you can find it using the search feature.


Create memories directly in your browser using iOS and macOS share extensions.


Display a list of memories and enjoy beautiful graphics for each of them.


Each memory is analyzed for its content. Search with related text to quickly find it.


Build-in real-time synchronization. See the same data on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Technology to save your time

Rework how you collect bookmarks

Take a look at your browser bookmarks. You probably will be surprised seeing directories and items that you added there years ago. Brain3k offers a quicker approach. Don't waste your time on managing bookmarks anymore. Put URLs in the app (directly from a web browser using a share extension) and let the algorithms do the rest. Brain3k will analyze provided URL and use title, description, summary, keywords and more to provide correct search results.

Technology adjusted to you

Rework how you search

  • You don't have to remember the correct domain name to find the bookmark you are looking for. When searching for memories, just type what you remember. Each memory is analyzed, and Brain3k provides you highest matching results.

  • You can improve search results by adding your notes and tags.


With tags, you can add additional information that will simplify searching. Use them to group your memories based on the project, purpose, or mood.


Not everything can be added in short tags. It is where the notes section shines. Your notes will be used for search as well.


Brain3k automatically summarizes articles and puts that short excerpt on the memory page. That summary is also used for search.

What to Expect?

Brain3k changes how you collect data. At first, it may be an overwhelming experience, but if you give the app some time, you will find it more useful and quicker than usual bookmarks management.

Personal Experience

Memories stored in Brain3k are yours only. No social features, no selling data for advertisers.

Beautiful Design

Dark mode, memory preview, and multitasking support. Using Brain3k is a pleasure.

Powerful Search

Each memory is analyzed. The search uses pages' titles, keywords, and summaries.

Notes & Tags

Extend URL analyzed data with your tags and notes. Search memories even faster.

Share Extension

You don't have to open Brain3k to add new memory. Use iOS, iPadOS, and macOS share view instead.

Cross-platform sync

Data synchronized in real-time on all platforms. Add memories on mobile and use them on the desktop.

Totally Optimized

Native experience on every platform

Brain3k contains two separate applications. The iOS one for iPhones and iPad and macOS for MacBooks, Mac Minis, and iMacs. Each application adjusts to a specific platform idiom.

  • Portrait and landscape mode for iOS

  • Multitasking support for iPadOS

  • Share extension on all platforms

  • Dark mode on all platforms


Simple Pricing

Brain3k offers 100 memories for each account. If you are satisfied with the app, you can switch to Pro, which exceeds the limit to 5000 memories.

Brain3k Free
$ 0 .00 / forever

100 memories are always free. When you exceed the limit, you can switch to Pro or remove old elements.

Brain3k Pro
$ 19 .99 / year

You get a total of 5000 memories available. When you cancel your subscription, nothing will be lost. Additional benefits will be added.

Start using it right now. 100 memories are always free.

Available for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

FAQs & Contact

Common Questions

Check already answered questions, submit feedback, or contact support.

That's all right. I decided not to be strict about this. It doesn't matter if you can add 100 or 102 memories. That two additionals probably won't convince you to go with a pro subscription if you didn't decide to that moment. Enjoy. And a note: if you don't want to go with a subscription, but you find Brain3k helpful if you have slightly more memories (like 120 or 140), don't hesitate to write to me. I'm able to change that manually.

No, don't worry. When the subscription ends, available memories are set to 100. But the number of current memories stays as it is. What does that mean? If you already have more than 100 memories, you won't be able to add the next one. Nothing that you already added will be lost.

Processing each URL can take around 2 minutes. If the operation takes more than that, you can refresh memory using the actions menu. If that doesn't help, you can report a memory using the actions menu.

You can refresh memory using the actions menu. If that doesn't help, you can report a memory using the actions menu. Please remember that Brain3k can't process memories that require authentication.

Have more questions? Contact support